MT4 Bladerunner Chart 3

Setup – To start with you are looking for a setup with a currency trading in a range with defined support, resistance, and round numbers.

Support or Resistance Break - Once the price breaks below the support you will wait for the price to retest the support level. Once it crosses over the 20 EMA, this is when you initiate the first sell order.

Trend – Once the support breaks, the trend is toward the downside and the EMA should track above the price line. You will want to place another sell stop a couple of pips below the confirmation level of the continuation of the trend. This would be when the EMA crosses back across the price line and a whole candle below the EMA.

Closing First Order – Once the first order has been triggered you will look to put the SL and TP on. The SL would be placed a couple of pips behind the first order but it should only be initiated when the whole candle is formed back below the EMA. The TP will then be put at a level equivalent to the risk you are looking to take.

Stop Trailing – After the second order has been triggered and the market has moved in favor of the trade by the equivalent of the initial risk you wanted to take, the stop loss on the remaining order is moved to a breakeven level. The order can then be left open until the market closes it by hitting the SL or TP. This way you are guaranteed to profit on the first and at worse break even on the second trade. 

This strategy is not set in stone and TP and SL levels can be adjusted due to very strong trends or new announcements


MT4 Bladerunner Chart 2

The Bladerunner is named because the moving average cuts the price. It is a great strategy for breakout trading using a combination of moving averages, support, resistance lines and easy to spot round numbers. You can use other indicators if you need extra confirmation but otherwise, no second window indicators are needed.

The strategy can be used on multiple short time frames and at most times of the day. But you want to ignore the major news announcements due to the increased volatility and fake breakout signals.

MT4 Bladerunner Chart