free mt4 indicator directory

Keltner Channel - This indicator is used on the Keltner Channel page. It will help to show when the market is overbought or oversold using a moving average and average true range.

Stochastic Divergence - This can be used to automatically create the stochastic divergence pattern. The indicator also contains an alarm feature so you do not miss an opportunity.

Price Action - This indicator will show you at a glance all candlestick types present to trade a price action strategy.

3 Line MACD - This indicator is an improvement on the original adding a smoothing curve to the MACD to show trade opportunities.

Curved Linear Regression Indicator - This indicator is used in my linear regression analysis page which can be used multiple times to create multiple levels.

Straight Linear Regression Indicator - Although I have not used this in my analysis, many prefer the straight line for more accurate support and resistance levels at all points.

Chart Overlay - This indicator is used in my Intermarket analysis page letting you overlay any symbol onto another chart to show correlation and divergences.

Wedge Pattern - This indicator can be used to scan a currency and show all wedge patterns on any time frame. This is a time saver, so you do not have to manually search and draw outlines.

Support and Resistance - This indicator is an addition to the standard support and resistance drawing tools. I chose to add this as it helps display the levels more clearly and gives an extra price display.

Arbitrage Indicator - This indicator can be used in conjuncture with three currencies to help spot opportunities to arbitrage using Intermarket analysis. This indicator can only be used with the major currency pairs.

Multi-Currency Correlation Indicator - This indicator is a complementary with the arbitrage to help spot divergences between 3 different currencies.

Hekin Ashi with Doji Spotter - This indicator is an addition to the normal Hekin Ashi which displays Dojis in a separate colour, These Dojis show  a reversal or at least a pullback is about to take place.

Elliot Wave Indicator - This is one of the best indicators I have found to spot Elliot wave patterns. It also shows future movement and target areas.

The ADX Indicator (Average Directional Index) - This Indicator is used to help spot a trending market. The ADX indicator shows in a separate panel below the chart.