Dark Pools: The rise of the A.I. trading machines and the looming threat to Wall Street

by Scott Patterson

This book takes you through the start of electronic trading, some of the first ECN systems, trading algorithms, and dark pools.

House of Cards: How Wall Street's Gamblers Broke Capitalism

by William D. Cohan

This book looks at the rise and fall of Bear Sterns, going through multiple CEOs in the once powerhouse of a brokerage. You get an in-depth look at the two out of control internal hedge funds that sowed the seed for the companies eventual demise.

Below we have a selection of finance related books that very entertaining giving you insight into the world of finance throughout history. These books chronicle some of the most lively and outrageous times, the making of fortunes to the almost collapse of the entire system.

When Genius Failed: The rise and fall of Long Term Capital Management

by Roger Lowenstein

This book takes you through the start of one of the largest hedge funds run by mathematicians and physicists. It takes you through its inception, trading strategies and spectacular blow up.

Liar's Poker

by Michael Lewis

This book is set in the mid-80s and takes you through the excessive greed, ambition within Saloman Brothers when it was the world's largest and most powerful broker.

Nightmare on Wall Street: Solomon Brothers and the corruption of the marketplace

by Martin Mayer

This covers the time of the mid-80s in Salomon Brothers during the US bond manipulation period which destroyed multiple reputations.

page turners - finance books

The Predator's Ball: The inside story of Drexel Burnham and the rise of the junk bond raiders

by Connie Bruck

The story of Micheal Milken who single-handedly created and dominated the junk bond world and his eventual decline.

The Quants: The maths geniuses who brought down Wall Street

by Scott Patterson

This is the story of the maths geniuses who broke Wall Street making billions arbitraging maultiple markets until they blew the market and themselves up.

The Greatest Trade Ever: How one man bet against the markets and made $20 billion

by Gregory Zuckerman

This book takes you through the journey of John Paulson during the 2008 financial crisis and how he decimated and setup his trades for the up coming collapse.

Flash Boys

by Michael Lewis

This book compliments Dark Pools due to it going into greater detail regarding the new cable being laid between New York and Chicago.It also expands of the other newly created exchanges

Barbarians At The Gate

by Bryan Burrough

This book takes you through the crazy Leveraged Buyout time of the 80s where CEOs, with the help of junk bonds and other funding methods, helped to buy up corporate America.

Too Big to Fail: Inside the battle to save Wall Street

by Andrew Ross Sorkin

This book gives you a behind the scenes look into the big banks and government about the lead-up, during the crisis and the aftermath.

The Big Short: Inside the doomsday machine

by Michael Lewis

This book covers the same time frame as the Greatest Trade Ever but covers some of the other players that were in on the  trade. It takes you through the ups and downs of the trade as well as behind the scenes information from the mortgage brokers themselves.