Forex For Beginners

by Anna Couling

This book is perfect for the new traders as it goes through some of the trading techniques mentioned on this website. It covers some of the more complicated lingo and puts it into easy to understand format.

Market Wizards

by Jack D Schwager

A book containing fascinating insights into the thought processes, psychology, early failures, successes and experiences of 17 or so successful traders in several markets

technical analysis books

Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes

by Brian Shannon

This book is also good for new traders and will take you through, in detail, the basic different technical analysis methods.

Forex Price Action Scalping: an in-depth look into the field of professional scalping

by Bob Volman

Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns

by Thomas N Bulkowski

This book goes into depth regarding multiple different chart patterns in great detail and all supported by empirical testing.

Below are a selection of some of the best technical analysis books you can buy.

Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques: a contemporary guide to the ancient investment techniques of the far east

by Nison

This book is perfect for the traders who have been going for a while without success. It will not tell you exactly what to do but the underlying reasons for why the candles forms in certain shapes.