1# Butterfly Pattern – This trading strategy uses Fibonacci numbers to create a butterfly-like pattern which can be used to pick entry points as well take profit and stop loss levels.

2# Parabolic Curve – One of my favorite trading strategies but it is rare to find. Pips can be very quickly gained on this strategy but it is all about timing.

3# Dual Stochastic – A great way to pick entry points using multiple simple indicators looking at the closing price in relations to the highs and lows in the range.

4# Keltner Channel– This is a modification of the Bollinger band strategy but allows you to use banding to see how the market is balanced.

5# Intermarket Analysis – This is a great strategy for the risk adverse as you will be going long in one and short in another product. Allows you to capture divergences in similarly performing assets.

top 5 trading strategies